Episode 11

Published on:

25th Mar 2022

"The Sanctity of Life & Finding Forgiveness When You Don't Believe You Deserve It" w/Heather Bowen

It is common for the hurt of the past to haunt us. Often we hold onto things that are holding us back. God wants us to be free from our past failures. With stunning authenticity, Heather Bowen shares her story of redemption that will keep you on the edge of your seat and hungering for the love of God to do the same for you.

Forgiven & Set Free

Hope Pregnancy Center

Email: heatherjbowen@gmail.com

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The Cross Church

Email: pastorkitchel@gmail.com

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Life & Leadership w/Daniel Kitchel
Connecting life and leadership today so that you can flourish tomorrow.
The connections between life and leadership are deep. The design of each show is to explore those connections by interviewing inspiring and compelling people. Our guests will share gripping stories, life lessons, and expertise in their own experiences. Whether you are a leader of hundreds, working to lead your family, or simply want to take ownership of your personal life - this podcast is made just for you. We believe we can help you lead with love so that you will love to lead.

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Daniel Kitchel

For 16 years, Daniel has been the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Cross Church in Norman, Oklahoma. Additionally, he has been a public school teacher and football coach for 13 years. Daniel has no greater passion than people knowing the love of Christ and letting that change everything.

He is married to his creative and beautiful wife, Jessica. Together, they have two wonderful daughters named Abi (13) and Evie (7) and a rambunctious son named Welles (2).

Daniel is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in Sociology.